Erg 15km (3x5km) & Foals

Lunchtime. Erg 15km (3x5km, 2min rec.)

5km. 18:57.8 (1:53.8) r23, HR 145(155)
5km. 18:57.2 (1:53.7) r23, HR 154(159)
5km. 18:54.0 (1:53.4) r23, HR 157(162) average 18:56.3 (1:53.6)

It’s my department’s xmas luncheon today, but I wasn’t bothering to go, so I took a long lunch hour and nipped home for an erg, as I won’t have time later. Aimed for sub-19:00 on each rep., and managed it OK. Good training for the C2Challenge 5km this month.

Off to see Foals at the Zodiac later. Really looking forward to it, should be a good gig. I’ve listened to the LP “Antidotes” a few times and reckon it could be really good live. I’ll probably catch up with the hangers-on from the xmas lunch in town before I go.