Erg 15km. Picked up the new trike

AM. Erg 15km/58:35 (1:57.2) r22, steady, HR 154(165)

Rain battering the windows woke me before the alarm went off this morning. Did a steady 15k on the erg, I might rest my hamstring from runnning another day although it doesn’t feel too bad this morning. Heart rate 10 beats higher than normal for this session, as it always seems to be in the morning.

Took the afternoon off work and drove down to Dorset to pick up the trike. Had a nice chat to the guy selling it. He’d been “persuaded” into triking by a club mate, but never really got on with it (although he did let slip he’d had seven of them – no small number to get through!). He had a lovely Bob Jackson tourer in his garage parked next to the trike I was buying. A very nice “lugged” frameset and very well kept – I doubt he’s done much riding lately!

The trike seems well built, in Reynolds 531 tubing. I was pleased to find that the hub is a 7-speed cassette and not a 6-speed freewheel, as had been advertised, so it’ll be easier for me to swap ratios about and I might even put a 9-speed hub on there, if it’ll fit. The rear wheels are based on some very sturdy 36-spoke Mavic MA2 rims, laced with some fairly substantial looking spokes. They’ll do for my mucking about for the moment, although I’ll probably upgrade those before racing it. Maybe some Bontrager race wheels with minimal spoking, or similar.

After I got home, we thought it only right to go out for a curry to celebrate.