Swim 3000m & run 10km & Winterlight

AM. Swim 3000m

Drills, inc. 12 lengths backstroke, 12 lengths breastroke, 16 lengths leg kick (in two sets). Catch-ups, tumble turns. Did a bit of practice of synchronizing the leg kick with a catch-up stroke.

Lunchtime 10km/45 steady. HR 151(160)

Probably ran a bit harder than was strictly necesssary, but it went OK. Last night’s twingy left knee didn’t bother me.

We’re off into town after work to see the opening ceremony for Oxford’s Winterlight festival (http://www.oxfordinspires.org/news/WinterLight_WinterLight-Oxford-28-November.htm)
a festival that was in some quarters viewed as the council’s over-PC reaction to the religious overtones of christmas http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/UK/Oxford_to_axe_Christmas_celebrate_Winter_Light_Festival/articleshow/3664552.cms
(Must’ve been a slow news day in India!). Nothing of the sort was intended, and there have been some similar festivals in town over the last few years – burning couldrons of fire and musical illuminated cones spring to mind. The Council produced a suitable response  http://www.oxford.gov.uk/news/index.cfm/current/1/item/3065 .
Should be fun anyway.