Run 13½km and a winter running plan

PM. Run 13½km/62, steady easy HR 142(153)

Out for an easy run after another late day at work. Took it steady enough.

Borrowing a plan from Runner’s World for my winter running, which, if I can get it together will go something like this, each week:

1. Long run 19-29km
2. Tempo run 9-13km
3. Easy 12-19km
4. Speed/hills ~10km

Quite a lot of mileage there, but the trick will be to make the long & easy runs easy enough – I tend to hammer along at the some pace, whatever the distance. I doubt I can fit in much more running without having to do less cycling/swimming/erging.

No plan
When I was a teenager, I read that good club runners were doing +70 miles a week through the winter. I didn’t care that they were doing it in a structured way – long steady runs, short fast ones, hill repeats etc., so at 6am on Monday morning each week I set out and did 11 miles (it would’ve been 10 miles, but there was a nice combination of roads that came out at this distance). Then on Tuesday I did another 11, and so on, until I had to cut the mileage down through fatique, which would usually mean 7.5 miles on Wednesday and maybe 3, 4 or 5 miles on Thursday. When I couldn’t face going out for another run I’d rest until the following Monday and repeat, trying to keep the 11-milers going all week. Eventually I hit a point where I could do 11 miles every morning of every week (in about 76-77 minutes, erk!), without taking a rest day. A fairly brutal way to increase the mileage and a completely unconstructive way to train, but at age 16 (and only 5’8″ and 9 stone!), I could absorb it OK. That is… until my head fell off one morning after I’d done about a mile. I turned round and went back to bed, and then took a 6-month break from any running at all! (and I threw my training diary in the bin – oh that I still had it to read now – it had all my racing and training from age 9 in it).