Swim 2100m & cycle 71km inc. Danny’s Brill circuit

AM. Swim 2100m

500m warm up, then working on leg drills and arm catch-ups, and slowing up the number of strokes to 18-19 per length. Did 8 lengths breaststroke and 8 lengths backstroke in there too. Didn’t do much work on my tumble-turns – something for next time maybe.

PM. Cycle 71km, brisk. HR 137(168 )

inc. Brill circuit: 47.5km/1:39:47, 28.6km/h (climb: 616m) HR 138(168 )

Had the afternoon off work, so went out for a bike ride. Couldn’t be bothered to do anything too lengthy, so I went for a lap of Danny Axford’s hilly Brill circuit from a couple of years ago in the Comic. Gmap of the circuit: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2376220. Took it fairly steady (a quick time would be 1:35), especially as the roads (as always at this time of year) were covered in a thin film of mud where farmers have been tilling fields and then driving along the lanes. Rear wheelspin aplenty when I was out of the saddle on the climbs, which limited the amount of effort I could put through the pedals and forced me to be a bit smoother. I set the altimeter function on my HRM, and unlike the old one, it seemed to work OK, only 5m of drift by the time I’d got home. 770m total ascent.