Run 13km & a trike

PM. Run 13km/60, steady, HR 150(164)

A slow and easy start to the day, then I popped over to look at a trike owned by Tom Graystock. I am thinking of having a go at trike time trialling next year – there are a few long-standing club records I’d like to see if I can beat next year – it’s always good to have new targets.

His trike is quite small, so it’s going to need a long seatpost to make it fit me, but at least it’ll have short head tube for getting low and aero. It has some old-fashion kit on it, but the rear wheels didn’t have too many spokes and some nice light tyres. Anyway, I had a bit of ride up and down the road on it, and round the local housing estate. It was very difficult to ride! Easier on the flat car park outside his house, but at anything much above walking pace on the road, it constantly wanted to fight its way across the slightest camber and dive towards the kerb. It’s going to take some learning!

Tom said he’d let me have it for a few months over the winter. It’ll give me a chance to get used to it, and he won’t be doing much riding in the bad weather. He has flat bars on it at the moment, but is going to put some drops on for me. I’ll be back to pick it up in a week or so.

Spent the rest of the day doing a few chores and posting some surplus cycling stuff on eBay before going out for a steady evening run while Jules had a bit of an erg. HR a bit higher than normal for this sort of effort – that’ll be the effect of giving blood.