Marlow RC Rower’s Revenge triathlon

AM. Marlow RC Rower’s Revenge Tri. (erg 4km/cycle 25km/ run7.5km)


Erg 4km/14:55 (1:51.9) r24/25 HR166(176)
T1: 1:22 HR173(179)
Cycle 5.3km/10:42 HR173(179) punctured!

Not a brilliant way to end the season. It was raining when we got to the venue and just rained harder and harder as my start time approached. I was more nervous than usual for this one – I was expecting to do well, but also slightly apprehensive of the weather conditions, I don’t like racing in the rain.

We got a 5 minute warm up on the ergs (I was quick to ensure I bagged an erg next to the exit of the marquee), and then we were off. Five quick strokes, and I settled to my planned race pace of 1:52.  I got quite hot towards the end of the erg as I was wearing a “helly” under my tri-suit, so my HR was a bit higher than normal for an erg of that pace. Then it was a quick jog out in the rain to my bike and off we go. The first bit’s a bit twisty through a housing estate but once I’d negotiated that I was into familiar territory, pounding up the long drag out of Marlow, reeling competitors from waves infront of me. I was having a bit of a ding-dong with a guy in full SBR kit, but despatched him over the top of the climb, into the big-ring stuff. Then Bang! Tssss! I’d hit a flint that’s been washed into the road (I was well out of the gutter), and my front tubular was history. Bugger!

Turned round and tootled back to the park on the rim. I got quite cold riding back, but slightly less pissed off by the time Jules caught up with me. Turned out to be quite an expensive day, although I was due a new pair of tubs anyway. I didn’t get the chance to beat James Cracknell or win anything. Oh well, another year…

Cashed in some M&S vouchers at the local M&S food store for a roast chicken and some treats and opened a bottle of fizz that we’d been saving to celebrate the passing of the summer.