Cycle 10mTT

Cycle 127km inc. WLCA 10m TT. Course H10/3a (course description:

10miles: 23:51 HR 160(170) Results:

Nice day for a long ride, so rather than drive to today’s event, I decided to fit my training wheels and pack a camelbak with water and supplies and ride over. I had some fun getting up the hill out of Wantage with a bottom gear of 45×21, but otherwise it was a pretty steady ride. I got to the HQ with just enough time to pin on my number and ride to the start – perfect.

This course will be used for next year’s national 10. It’s going to be a tester. The road itself is beautifully smooth – you’d be able to ride track tubs on it and not risk a puncture. However, it is quite up and down at the start which’ll catch out quite a few riders. The remainder of a the course runs gently down to the turn, and then back up the same way. Course record is apparently a long 20, which is pretty amazing. Today’s fastest was a 22:37. I was 12th, not too great but OK, given I’d done 57km to get to the start!

The ride home was good, I was able to push on a bit more, hit just over 80km/h on the descent to Wantage, good fun.