Cycle: 75km LVRC road race

Cycle 89km total. Bush Healthcare LVRC RR 75km

7.6km to start HR136(165)
Lap 1: 16.8km/27:07 (37.3km/h) HR141(174)
Lap 2: 26:39 (37.9km/h) HR144(176)
Lap 3: 27:28 (36.7km/h) HR152(175)
Lap 4: 28:10 (35.8km/h) HR152(176)

Off to Abberley in Worcestershire this morning for an LVRC road race. Brilliant weather too. I didn’t know the circuit, and my legs were feeling a bit tired from yesterday’s effort, so I decided to play it cool and see how things went for the first lap, and try to work out where the easy/hard bits were and get my legs warmed up. Unfortunately, today’s break du jour was the first one. Five or so riders clipped off towards the end of the first lap while I was biding my time. There was a little downhill bit where they got away, leading to a nice draggy bit where they could consolidate a lead.

I handed about in front of the bunch from then on and we quickly dropped a third of the field on the only serious climb of the day, up to the start/finish. At the end of the second lap I made a big bid for freedom with three others, but we got pulled back pretty quickly. After that it was a lap of frustration until the last one, where I made quite a few attacks, as did others, but the only one that made any impression was when I got away with another rider from Halesowen for a few miles before the finish climb, only to be reeled in again. The final uphill sprint was hard work after that, but I managed about 5th in the bunch, so about 10th/11th overall.