Cycle 25m TT

Cycle 56km. inc. North Hampshire RC 25m TT (course H25/8) Slowest 120 entrants

25 miles: 55:59 (26.794mph/43.120km/h) HR 167(174)

Nice sunny day, almost no wind for this event. I rode well, but had to back off a little as I was getting a bit wheezy after 10 miles or so. I think it maybe that there’s been quite a bit harvesting going on locally lately. Usually I get a bit wheezy in mid-August with all the harvesting going on – the dust always sets me off. The late harvest seems to be affecting me just the same. It’ll be gone in a week.

Other than that, pretty happy with my ride – yet another 55 on this course. Nice to meet Dougie and Rocket again. Rocket had a good ride, less than a minute slower than me. Richard Prebble won it with a storming 51:24.