Cycle 10m TT

Cycle 30km. Andover Wheelers 10-mile TT (course P613)

10 miles: 21:09 (28.569mph/45.655km/h) HR 174(179)

Had a decent 20-minute warm up, and although recent time trials had suggested to me that I ought to be expecting another 20-minute clocking, I just wasn’t feeling “super”. I still tried very hard though – I felt like I was breathing through a straw the whole way round and my average for the TT was the same as my absolute max 2 weeks ago – 179bpm is about as high as I ever see in a 10. I guess I just didn’t have it in the legs today and maybe my form has dipped a little, which was a shame as the day was good. I feel screaming fit and able to do as many interval sessions as I like though, so maybe I can pull it back for the last two weeks of the season with a bit of easier work.