Faringdon Triathlon

AM. Faringdon Triathlon 2:10:40. 800m/50km/8.5km. HR 162(173). 3rd overall (1st in age cat.)

Swim 800m/11:46 (1:28/100m) HR 154(157)
T1 0:49
Cycle 52km/1:20:37 (38.7km/h) HR 162(173)
T2 0:58
Run 8.5km/36:30 (6:54 min/mi) HR165(171)

A bit of a windy, damp day. Transition was boggy, although I managed to find a spot for my gear that wasn’t too bad. I was quietly confident, despite my left achilles still being a bit sore.

Into the swim, and I’d forgotten how small the pool is – just four lanes. Fortunately due to a mix up over my entry, I was in one of the last waves to start and pretty much had the lane to myself. I swam well, and was quickly out of the pool and into the bike leg, after a bit of hassle getting into my bike shoes which probably cost me 20 seconds or so (but outside the transition area). I was confident of a good run after Cambridge Tri, so I worked hard on the bike leg and tried to make the most of my advantage there. It was cold on the  bike wearing just a tri suit, and very odd to be racing past a club run through Lechlade – they were all rugged up in longs and jackets. It’s a hard bike ride, up and down and plenty of turns, probably suits a more experienced rider like myself.

Bike route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2229758

Back into transition, I was quickly off the bike but struggled to get my cold feet into running shoes. Having hammered the bike leg, it took me a kilometre or more to get going in the run. There were sections of it along a rough track that was very muddy – I could feel the mud seeping up through the holes in my racing flats. On the return leg there was a nasty hill which I felt I really struggled up – I was being chased down by Chris Birch (the eventual winner) here, and only felt comfortable once I was back on the flat and the run in to the finish.

Run route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2229775

Overall, very pleased with the race and stoked to find I’ve finished 3rd overall and 1st in age category. Chris Birch won it with 2:08:53.

For next time, I need to work on (i) tumble turns in the pool; (ii) getting my feet into cycling shoes on the move; (iii) hilly running.