Headington RR 10km

AM. Run 12km inc. Headington Road Runners 10km

10km: 38:15 (6:09 min/mile) HR171(177)
1st half 18:30
2nd half 19:45

Woke up with a little sore throat, probably the effect of yesterdays hard effort. Legs didn’t seem too bad, and it was a nice calm morning, if a little damp. My 2km warm up went well, so I was confident of a good time today. I saw our friend Anita. She’d been house-clearing the day before, so wasn’t confident of a good time. I also bumped into Nik Windle, which was a bit of a surprise – I usually only see him on a bike, he organises 200km and 300km audaxes in our area.

The course is not truly flat – there’s a bit of downhill through kms 2-4 and then a corresponding uphill from 7 to 9, where I suffered a bit and dropped off the pace of the pack I was racing with. I probably lost 20-30 seconds on them by the end, so maybe I started a bit too enthusiastically! I got sore feet towards the end, which I wasn’t expecting having done quite a bit of running this year, but I’d chosen to run in some thinnner socks, so maybe that was it. Despite that I had a good run and enjoyed going out running on roads I normally cycle around, out past Worminghall. Even my troublesome achilles was OK today.

It started to pour down just as I crossed the finish line. Very refreshing for me, but not so comfortable for Jules, who’d come out to cheer me on. Got some nice goodies from the finish, and had a bit of a nap this afternoon – I needed it.