Swim 1500m & Cycle 10-mile TT PB!

AM. Swim 1500m

Went to the pool with Jules, practised varous strokes, and a few tumble turns. Quite pleased to find that I can still do butterfly, although my backstroke isn’t the most efficient in the world!

PM. Cycle 38km inc Diamond-hf.com 10 mile TT, course U47

10 miles: 20:22 (29.460mph/47.411km/h) HR 167(174)

Wow! Felt really good in the warm-up for this event. It was a hot afternoon, and the southerly breeze was dying down. I quickly settled into a good rhythm, and as I had some slower riders starting in front of me there were plenty of targets for me to aim for. We were using the old version of this course, which uses two roundabouts at the turn. I was sure to back off a little up the slip road so I could really attack them and not lose any time. Then it was straight back out on the dual carriageway. I’d overcooked it slightly getting out of the turn, but quickly regained a good cadence and powered back to the timekeeper, dreaming of a 19-minute recording. In the end I just missed it, but still knocked 8 seconds off my PB. I’m very happy with that, all the intervals over the past couple of weeks have really paid off. This has been a quite extraordinary season for me, and it’s still not quite over yet…