Cycle 25m TT

PM. Cycle 60km, inc. North Hants RC 25, Course H25/8

25 miles: 55:51 (26.858mph/43.223km/h) HR 161(170)

It started out a beautiful clear blue day, ideal for a long ride maybe, but the time the event was underway at 2pm, it had clouded over a bit and a stiff westerly breeze had got up. We had three OCRC riders racing today, and Clive Thomas was only off 3 minutes in front of me. I did a steady 25-minute warm up, but wasn’t feeling too keen.

Off the start you were straight into the wind and it was hard work. My legs felt a bit wooden all the way through the first lap from this week’s hard training, and it wasn’t until I turned into the wind on the second lap that I started to get it together a bit and work hard. I reeled in Clive just before the last roundabout, but didn’t have the breath to shout any encouragement to him. I just about had enough energy left to keep a good speed going into the final 6 miles, and was pretty satisfied with my effort. Looking at the HR data, I was about 5 beats down on my usual average HR for a 25, but that’ll just be not being as fresh as possible. The effort was still there!

Fastest on the day was Richard Prebble, 51:27. Clive did 59:37, and Ben Simmons, our other rider, 58:03. I think we just lost out on the team prize to GS Stella, they had a good team turn-out today.