Cycle 10m TT

Cycle 30km total. Salisbury RC club 10m TT, course P613

10 miles. 21:15 (28.235mph/45.440km/h) HR 167(175)

Went down to Thruxton after work for the last of the midweek club 10s on the P613. It had been a good day for racing, still and warm, but the evening brought the odd shower or two, and a rising westerly breeze. Only 20 or so riders took the start, but once out on the course it wasn’t too bad. I got to the bridge on the turn in 10:55, and had a hard 10:20 chase back into the breeze. Fastest time was 20:36, I was 4th. Pleased to have improved my season’s best, if only by 3 seconds. I got an attack of cramp on the warm-down – that’ll be the effect of the beer I’ve drunk in the last couple of evenings.

Results sheet: