12 hour TT

Cycle 439km total. Elmet 12 hour TT

Provisional result 265.86 miles/4th (22.155mph/35.655km/h) HR 145(161)

A brilliant day for a 12-hour, one of the best I’ve ever had. It started cloudy and warm, not a breath of wind. I was just cruising along at 37-38km/h for the first 6 hours. By midday the sun had burnt the clouds off and it started to get really hot. They were handing up wet sponges as you passed the HQ each lap – a  real life-saver. I suffered a bit with the heat in the afternoon, but I think everyone did. My feet got really hot, and I could feel myself getting more and more sunburnt. Getting back to the car to refill my bottles I was pouring a bottle over my head, but it was evaporating really quickly. Only in the last hour or two did it start to cool off a bit and a gentle breeze came up to relieve the heat.

I’ve just missed the club record (again – this is the third time I’ve got close to it – it’s 268.7). Without the 7 or 8 minutes in my three stops, I’d just have cracked it. Nik Bowdler has won the event, with about 289 miles.

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