Cycle 240km

PM. Cycle 240km/8:09 (29.4km/h) HR 134(162)

Took the afternoon off work. It had started out a nice sunny morning, but by lunchtime it was a bit grey and breezy out. I headed out the same way as my last long ride, on the 24th June, but diverted at Northleach and took in the climbs out to the west there, through Compton Abdale and up past the Kilkenny Inn. I came back down the A435, one of my favourite stretches of road. It sweeps down the valley brilliantly. Quite a bit of it had evidently been tarred-and-chipped only a few weeks before, so it wasn’t as nice a ride as usual.

I cut back towards Bampton for a refill of bottles and then resumed the same route from before, up over Chain Hill, into Goring, and heading over towards Nettlebed and Watlington (a new season’s best down the hill into Watlington – 82.2km/h). I had to do a lap of my estate to get exactly 240km.

Last long ride before the 12-hour. I think it went pretty well. I didn’t stop for drinks quite as much as I should and rolled home with a bit of a headache, but otherwise it went OK.

Bah, biggest stage on the TdF thus far, and I’ve got home to find I’ve recorded an hour of Hollyoaks (channel 29) and not the TdF (channel 28). Hmmmph, I’ll just have to record the midnight highlights…