Cycle 100m TT

Cycle 178km total. ECCA 100mile TT Course E2/100

100miles: 4:02:42 (24.722mph/39.786km/h) HR152(160)

My alarm went off at 3:15 this morning for an early drive to the HQ. It was looking a bit breezy and damp out, but I thought it worth going for a ride. I was ditching the camelbak for this long-distance TT, and carrying two bottles in a behind-the-saddle contraption, along with two on the bike, instead. It made the bike feel a bit unsteady and top-heavy as I was warming up, but it was definitely more comfortable than wearing a camelbak.

Out on the main part of the course, the wind wasn’t catching us as badly as I’d feared, and I got to the end of the first lap (52.2 miles) in 2 hours and a few seconds. We had a couple of brief showers, but they didn’t last long and were quite refreshing. The wind was rising and rising though, and the last 8miles along a B-road to get to the finish, were into the teeth of it. I lost quite a bit of time here, I didn’t have the energy left to push hard enough to get under 4 hours. The winner, Ken Platts, did 3h46. He’s 56 years old! I think I was 8th fastest, and a long way to go to improve my season’s best by just over a minute.

[Edit: picture from Daveyj on the forums:

After tortuous drive home around the M25, I had a quick shower, and we headed down to the Cowley Road Carnival. Ate plenty of fried food and had a couple of beers while we listened to the various samba bands and indie bands playing. The rain just about held off for the revellers.