Cycle: 10m Tandem TT

Cycle 27km total. Club 10, tandem with Mark Jones. Course H10/17R

10-mile TT/19:59 Club record! (30.025mph/48.320km/h) HR 166(172)

Out on the tandem with Mark again tonight. We’re starting to get into it. Despite the weather warnings and Wimbledon having rain, it was a lovely evening, warm, and a gentle southerly breeze. We made a bit of a poor call by starting in too big a gear – previously we’d started in the “small” ring (a 45-tooth one on my tandem), but this time we went away in the 57. It took us quite a few yards to get the tandem up to speed, but once we were going it was OK. I could see from the speedo that we were always going to be close to a 30mph average – our cruising speed was only 31 or 32 mph, and you always lose some speed at the turns on this course. The fast bits made up for it though and we were just able to duck under 20 minutes, and beat the club tandem record by 3 seconds, phew! Another celebratory bottle of Leffe when I got home :-) the third in 5 days.

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Picture from Dexter Gardias ]