Cycle 25mile TT – pb!

PM. Cycle 58km total. A3crg 25-mile TT, course P885/25

12km w/u
25 miles: 53:31 PB!, 11th (28.029mph/45.109km/h) HR 168(173)
5km w/d

A smart getaway from work today, and straight into the car for a trip down to Liss for a 25-miler on the A3. Brilliant conditions: warm, and a dying breeze. I had a good warm up, and then down to the crowded start (we were starting off 30-second intervals, something I’ve not seen since a 100-miler I did about 7 years ago, when Mick Fountain was in charge of events). I charged down the gift hill start and quickly reeled in my 30-second man, followed not too long after by my minute man, but that was the last rider I was to see for a while until Mick StLeger caught me at about the 13 mile point.

David Collard-Berry, the organizer, had done a superb job with the signage, and we had count-down markers from 10 miles out. I felt like I was right on the edge coming through Ham Barn Roundabout with about 2 miles to go, but managed to wring out a last sprint for the line. (My new brake levers gave me loads more confidence that I could stop quickly if I needed to, going into roundabouts.) Very happy to get a PB (by 21 seconds), as were many other people in the HQ afterwards. That’s the last of the set of club veteran records that I’ve been targeting since I turned 40.

[edit: Results here]