30m Tandem TT

PM. Cycle 57km inc. 30-mile Time Trial: Leo RC 30 (course E2/30)

30 miles: 1:00:47 1st! (29.613mph/47.658km/h), HR 168(174)

 HR data, how much into the red!…

First tandem time trial of the year with Mark Jones. Mark was still getting over a bit of a cold, so he was a bit doubtful he’d be OK, but as it turned it he was able to work plenty hard enough. It’s a bit of a hike for us to this course – more than 2 hours in the car.

We had some fun with the tandem as we were warming up – the chain was jumping all over the place. I’d swapped the cassettes around over the winter and the rear wheel had ended up with a slightly older one that was a bit worn. We quickly worked out that it was only jumping in the 16 and 17 sprockets. Missing out the 19 and 21 as too low, that left us 11-15 to work with, which was going to be fun into the wind on this course, with a 57 chainring up front. That cassette’s going in the bin tonight!

As it turned out, we struggled a bit on some of the drags, but it worked OK, and we were able to really spin along on the way back. Mark didn’t have his HRM chest strap on, but he had the watch on and was able to watch my HR go through the roof on the hard bits on the way out to the turn ;-) . I think we both really bring the best out of each other on the tandem – there’s a real feeling of not wanting to let the other person down.

We did about 33:45 to the turn, and 27:00 with the wind behind on the way back (~33mph average :-) ). Mark was able to breathe OK, but he had a few problems with his bad hip – broken a few years ago, it gave him some gip towards the end today. After a bit of a gasp and a stretch after crossing the finish line (my glutes are still sore, hopefully they’ll ease up tomorrow), we were happy to tootle back to the HQ, and very glad to have beaten our old (1956!) club record of 1:05:50, even with the nasty wind today. The 1st prize (we beat 8 other tandems) will pay nicely for the petrol :-)

[Edit: Picture from Daveyj on the forums:  Are we trying hard enough?
result: http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/results.asp?Month=200806&Page=1&ID=53179]