Club 10m TT

Cycle 73km: Club 10-mile TT (The “Ben Owen 10”) course H10/17R

10 miles/23:00 (26.087mph/41.983km/h), HR 164(171)

I rode out to the HQ for this evening’s 10-mile time trial. It’s the “Ben Owen 10”, an annual club time trial which is hosted by Didcot Phoenix CC in memory of a young rider who died of leukaemia.  There’s a charity box at the HQ to collect donations for the Leukaemia Research fund.

Being a team competition, the field is usually pretty hot and this year was no exception. Jesse Elzinga won it in a 20:3?, a very good time. Oxford City were 3rd, although we were in wondering whether they’d actually picked the right riders to count for our teams. No matter.

Riding out there the wind was pretty fierce, but it was dying all the time and the last riders got a reasonable evening. I was a bit disappointed with my ride – my time was slower than some riders who I’d normally beat. I’d struggled a bit all day with a bad stomach (I’d downed an Extran box ( before the event – a sure fire way to get some energy into my system, but it wasn’t quite enough I think). I was feeling able to push myself enough on the TT itself, but lacked a bit of speed somewhere. I’ve also missed a few shorter distance TTs lately. It’s all very well being able to knock out some hard intervals on the turbo, but pinnning a number on and riding hard for 10 miles is a different story – I’d better get some more club 10s under my belt!

[Edit: results here]