Cycle: 100mile TT

Cycle 172km total. BDCA 100-mile TT (course A100/4)

6½km w/u
100miles: 4:03:50 (24.607mph/39.601km/h), HR 152(167)

1st 50miles 1:57:44, HR153(167)
2nd 50miles 2:06:06, HR150(162)
3km w/d

Wow, that seemed pretty damn windy out there today. The A50 can be a bit exposed in places, and I didn’t really get my head around it. Took the first 50 as steady as I could, tried not to overcook it, although I saw 65km/h at one point with the wind behind. The second lap was very hard, I had a real struggle to get over the “concrete mountain” section second time around, and cooked my legs a bit for the ride back from the far turn, so I didn’t get to enjoy it quite as much as the first lap.

Funny weather too. I was almost too cold on the first lap, but the sun came out later and it wasn’t too bad. Quite pleased it was a bit cooler – being self-supported I means haven’t go any back up if I run out of drink. A 2-litre Camelbak and a 750-ml bottle was plenty enough today.

Fastest rider when I left the HQ was Nik Bowdler (he won the fast API-50 I did the other week), with a 3:37, astonishing! I never seem to get my head around the 100-mile distance, there were quite a few there today who I can match over 50 miles or 12 hours, but I seem to lack a bit of strength on the hard 100s. It’s a strange. A hard ride like today can always set you up for better times later though, so I’m not too sore about missing getting under 4hours. I think I’ll have another go at the distance in a few weeks, in the ECCA 100, one of my favourite events on the E2/100.

Tired and saddle-sore now. Ta ta.

[Edit: Results here]