Cycle: 50-mile TT

Cycle 98km total. Oxonian CC 50 mile TT, course H50/17

12km w/u
50 miles: 1:58:06 (25.402 mph, 40.881 km/h) HR 163(171)
5km w/d

Nice and warm, if a little breezy. Results here. Legs not feeling too strong today, unsurprisingly, but I was only riding for a club cup and had two other riders from my club to beat. I set off fairly steadily and had caught them both before the halfway point. I felt like I was only just rolling it along today. I got caught by the winner, Nik Gardiner, about 3 miles from the finish. He’d done a 1:48, a new course record, I think. I was 4th fastest.

Spent a bit of time digging over some more of the vegetable patch later, and had a bit of a kip too – I hadn’t slept too well. We’re off to a BBQ later.