Cycle: 30-mile TT

Cycle 67km total. WLCA 30 mile TT, course H30/8

9½km w/u
30 miles: 1:06:46 (2nd) 26.960 mph (43.387 km/h). HR 167(174)
9½km w/d

Nice to get on the “podium” today – the fastest time was a 1:05:16. Results here. (Mick Fountain, an older vet from Didcot Phoenix who I know quite well, was at the HQ with me before the event, curious to take the piss about just how many riders did a faster time than me in last week’s 50 :-) – eighteen for the record.)

Tips for getting a good result in an “open” TT:
1. Pick an obscure distance (there aren’t many 30s in the calendar because it’s a distance that doesn’t fit into most clubs best-all-rounder competitions, although my club, like many others, has a cup for the fastest club rider)
2. Choose a weekend when all the local “big hitters” are riding a national event (in this case, the national 25-mile TT is tomorrow)

The ride itself went OK. I tried to pace it evenly, but this course is so rolling that the speed trace is up and down all the time, event though I was trying to make the effort even. Look at the variation here:

I felt a bit tight-chested off the line, but that might have been down to the large amount I’d drunk beforehand: 30 miles is about as far as I want to race without taking a water bottle with me, so in a Graham Obree style (he once won the national 50 without a bottle cage on his bike, just swigging a litre or so before the start), I loaded up on drink before the off. It was a bit breezy, so not many places to take a breather, but I’m quite pleased with the result, my 3rd fastest “30” time. This is my PB course – back in 2001 – but that day was atmospherically odd – a still wind, but a thunderstorm broke out as I was riding back to the HQ afterwards.