50-mile TT

Cycle 101km inc. API-Metrow 50mile TT, course E2/50c

50 miles: 1:47:53 (my timing) 27.807mph/44.752km/h, HR 163(175)

1st 25 miles: ~53:33. HR 160(168 )
2nd 25 miles: ~54:20. HR 166(175 )

Unbelievable conditions today. Riding to the start from the HQ, it was nice and warm and looked like there would be a light breeze across the course. Settling into the first 8 or 9 miles out and back to the first turn it was apparent that the breeze wasn’t holding you back at all. This course is so exposed in places that sometimes any wind makes things very difficult, but not today.

I wasn’t sure how fast it was going to be, so I held back a little over the first half, and gradually piled on the coals after the turn. The last 5 miles were an average of 171 bpm, way over threshold. Very happy with my time – that’s a club record by almost 2 minutes (although not quite a PB – I went about 15 seconds faster when I was riding for a sponsored club back in 2002).

Fastest rider was Nik Bowdler with 1:39:02, I hear. There were plenty of PBs I reckon, although the results were a little slow in coming through – the village hall HQ is in a bit of a mobile phone dead spot. Provisional results here.