Cycle 88km: LVRC Sevale RR 49 miles

RR: 77km/1h59 (38.8km/h) 149(176)
Lap 1. 25.7km (37.9km/h) HR 148(174)
Lap 2. 25.7km (38.6km/h) HR 147(170)
Lap 3. 25.7km (40.0km/h) HR 154(176)
I was still fairly tired when the alarm roused me at 6:30 this morning. I picked up a coke from a village shop in an attempt to spark me into life, but it didn’t really work. I got involved in a few skirmishes early on, but settled for handing about in the bunch. The heavy wind discouraged most attacks, although one rider got away on his own for about 3/4 of a lap, then three others jumped off the front at one corner and caught him. Halfway around the last lap we had the four of them in sight, but didn’t quite close it down. Another rider took a flyer with about 6km to go, and made it stick, although he didn’t quite manage to bridge up to the break. Not having the legs for much else, I had a dig at 2km to go and got a sizeable gap with a pursuit effort, but I got caught by the bunch sprint about 300m from the line. Game over.

Results here soon:

Disappointed to find my rear road race wheel has developed a bit of a twitch. Nothing too dramatic, and because I’ll have to take the tub off to true it (the spoke nipples are hidden inside the rims), I’ll leave it for the moment. They are Rolf Vector Pros, and I’ve had them quite a few years. Although the paired spoke design was initially met with some skepticism, they’re still some of the best wheels around – stiff and aero.