Turbo 25km & run 10km (London)

AM. Cycle 25km (turbo). 29.7km/h Steady, HR145(155)

Off to London later, so hopped on the turbo before work for a bit of a spin. I was aiming for essentially the same workout as list night – but it felt much harder. Left achilles is a bit stiff too.

PM. Run 10km steady. HR 152(163)

The meeting finished early, so I moseyed round the shops on Oxford St/Soho for a bit, took in the delights of Sister Ray (http://www.sisterray.co.uk/) a favourite haunt of mine back in my gig-going days, before heading back to the hotel (http://www.grangehotels.com/grange_langham_court_hotel/index.htm) and getting changed for a run.

I ran the length of Wigmore St, and then turned south and did an anti-clockwise lap of Hyde Park (~6km?). I wasn’t too sure of my way around the perimeter path, but fortunately someone came out of the next entrance along who was running at about my pace so I just followed them. I nearly caught them when they got baulked by traffic, but turning into the last stretch they put in a bit of a spurt that I didn’t have the legs to follow. I guess it wasn’t their 4th session in 36 hours ;-)

On the way back along Wigmore street there was a pro-democracy march going on. I’ve forgotten what the website was they all had on their t-shirts (d’oh), but it did give me a nice quiet bit of road to run in for a while.

Everyone’s heading down the pub in a minute, I’d better join them…