Run 12km total: Town & Gown 10k

2km warm up


10km/39:23 (est.) HR 172(180)


1.  3:48.0 HR162(169)

2.  3:48.2 HR167(169)

3.  3:54.0 HR169(172)

4.  4:00.3 HR 171(173)

5.  3:57.5 HR 172(174) (5km: 19:28.0)

6.  3:55.0 HR 173(176)

7.  3:56.4 HR 176(177)

8.  4:02.9 HR 177(177)

9.  4:00.4 HR 177(179)

10. 4:00.9 HR 178(180) 39:23.6 (5km: 19:55.6)


Cool, blue skies, just a gentle breeze. I strode out most of the first 5k, and feeling pretty comfortable. I tried to extend myself a bit after the 5k, but that just took me clear of the pack I was with, bringing one other runner with me who later sprinted past in the final 500m. I didn’t seem to be able to bring up my pace at all – probably a lack of speed work and running in general – I’ve only been back on the road for 3 weeks. I think I’ve done about the same time as last year, when I thought myself much less fit than this. Not totally happy with my time, given how “fit” I was feeling on the start line, I was expecting 37 or 38-minutes. I just didn’t have the leg speed for it on the day.


Jules set a new PB, around 55 minutes she thinks – very cool. After I finished I had just enough time to get across to the course and cheer her through the 9km point and take a few pictures. I’ll post them up soon. She looked to have found someone to run with – it helps a lot.


Ansel Adams

Moseyed into town afterwards for some coffee and a look at the Ansel Adams photography exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art. Very cool. I have no idea how he got such brilliant pictures and contrasts, all in black and white. Most landscape photography is done in colour these days – much easier to capture something dramatic.