Cycle 36km: Bath CC 10mTT

Cycle 36km total, inc. Bath CC 10mTT (course U47)

10 miles: 21:18 (45.333km/h, 28.169mph). TT HR163(170)

Woke up very tired, but I knew we were in with a chance of the team prize today, so I’d remembered to leave my time trial bike and cycling kit in the back of my car. I dropped the hire van off and then drove over to the race. I forgot to tape over my HRM, so I was able to see how hard I was working, but that wasn’t too bad in the end. It was a good morning, and I got a good time. John Tuckett smoked the field with a 19:23 clocking.

Results here: looks like we missed out on the team prize to Chippenham by 28 seconds.

? kg (scales buried in a box somewhere)