Cycle 58km (LVRC crit) & Marshalling duty

Cycle 58km inc. LVRC criterium @ MK bowl: 7th.

Race: 1h + 3 laps (37.4km/h) HR 160(174)

I got up early and drove through the sunshine to Milton Keynes for the LVRC crit there. I was in the first race (at 9:30am, erk!), for A, B & C categories (ages 40-54), and they ran it as a handicap: the Bs & Cs got a half a lap start on us As. There were about 30 riders in all.

We quickly started jumping around, and after a few laps our A group had been whittled down from 15 or so to just 10. That settled for a lap or so, and then the attacking started again. I went with the first move, but when the next pair attacked, none of us had the legs to go with it (I doubt I could’ve stayed with their pace anyway). We’d managed to split the group down further though, so there were two out front and then four of us chasing, which eventually became five when another rider bridged up.

At this point we caught the B&C group. The leading 2-up got around them, but the five of us just couldn’t shake them off. We did a bit of through-and-off on the front of this group for the remainder of the race although I was far from the strongest, and we sat up in the last few laps to let first the Cs sprint out their finish, and then the Bs. Then it was our turn. Just as we got to 2 laps to go, we were caught for a lap by the leading pair, so the final sprint was a 7-up. I finished 6th there, ahead of one of the leaders but behind everyone else :-(.

We went to help out at the OCRC Open 10 in the afternoon – me to stand at a roundabout, and Jules to take pictures of all the riders. The weather was really good, if a little breezy, and the event seemed to pass off OK. We couldn’t be bothered to sort through all the pictures Jules took when we got back home – that can wait for tomorrow. Here’s a quick self-portrait I took whilst waiting for the first rider to come through: