Cycle 85km inc. Oxonian CC 25m TT

25miles: 1:00:39 (39.8 km/h), 14th. Course H25/17. HR 157(166)

Rode to the HQ from home through another cold damp morning. Struggled to get going with tired legs from yesterday and that’s the first time I’ve been outside the hour for a 25 for quite a few years! No doubt my times’ll improve as soon as it warms up a bit. Being a local open, there were many familiar faces at the HQ, although I couldn’t hang about to chat afterwards as we’ve got a family “do” to get to at lunchtime. Oxford City won the team prize, a nice bonus. Results here: Yesterday’s winner did 53:13 – awesome!

Son of Rambow
We went to see this nice little film from the Hammer&Tongs guys (they’re more famous for their videos – check out the Blur “milk carton” vid ) the other evening – I’d forgotten to write about it yesterday. Nothing to take seriously here – plenty of laughs – a real popcorn movie. Set in the early 80s, so plenty of nostalgic music and other references for all you 30 and 40-somethings. Screen Test anyone?

Moving in
Jules moved into my flat yesterday, her letting contract expires on Wednesday and we haven’t quite moved into our new house yet, so she moved a few essentials over while I was busy racing. It’s cosy, but I’m sure it’s going to be cool.

86 years old
A niece has come over from Australia for 10 days to work in London, so her dad (one of my brothers, natch) organised a family get-together lunch in a Bushey pub today. It was my mum’s 86th birthday in the week, she’s as mad and active as ever, a real inspiration to people who say they “aren’t feeling like getting up to much today”. We stuffed ourselves on a good lunch and some excellent cake and ice cream ;-)