Cycle 54km – FCCC 25-mile TT H25/8

Cycle 54km inc. Farnborough & Camberley CC 25-mile TT. Course H25/8

25miles: 59:12 (40.54km/h) HR 159(169)

A cold, damp and windy day. I never go particularly well when it’s cold, and this was compounded by getting to the HQ a bit late – in contrast to going to Basingstoke for Dougie’s 2500m erg, Newbury was a nightmare to get through this time.

It then took me an age to get overshoes, leg warmers etc. on, and when I finaly got out for a warm up I punctured my disc wheel. Within sight of the car, so I cruised back and bunged in my training wheels – the 16-spoke Ventos I’ve been using as a back up for years. After all this faffing about I only managed a cursory 15-minute warm-up. Fortunately the first 5 miles were with a following wind, so I was able to use that to get up to speed.

No idea how I’ve done in relation to the rest of the field – I had an early start and pushed off home before most of the results were in. There were some slow-ish times from the faster riders and the results board had a distinctly old-fashioned look about it, Ray Hughes had only managed a long 55, I think, and Paul Holdsworth, my West London long-distance rival, had pipped me by about 20 seconds.