Rest day (and saddles)

Rest day – fairly tired from yesterday.

At the beginning of the week I put the saddle up on my training bike by 5mm – I think my Specialized BG saddle is sagging. It seemed to let me stretch my legs out more comfortably yesterday.

This is the second one I’ve had in as many years that’s done that. Many years ago I had a “Terry” saddle that had a cutout like the BG saddles do, and that sagged so badly after a year that it was only fit for the bin. I’d have thought that Specialized – seeing as they rather heavily promoted these “Body Geometry” style saddles with a cutout a couple of years ago – would’ve solved this problem. Evidently not. Cutting out the middle of the saddle just reduces it’s structural integrity too much. It’s not as if I’m some great heavyweight or anything. I noticed that the pros have the same problem – even with new saddles. Check out the picture in this link:, a bit of extra tyre under the “hole”, done primarily to stop the saddle “bottoming out” on the rails, no doubt.

I’ve got a San Marco Aspide on my TT bike that I like quite a lot, now discontinued (although there’s an updated one about now) but it’s a bit expensive for a training bike. I might have to go that way though. Gotta be comfortable!