Cycle 211km inc. “Poor Student” 205km Permanent audax

Cycle total: 211km/7h23 ride time. HR 138(165)
Audax: 204km/7h26 (riding time 7h08 + time stopped 16min)


Took the afternoon off work and rode the Poor Student 205km audax that I’d failed to start in January when it was icy and I’d just hurt my knee. Lovely day for a ride, if a little cold. Nice following wind on the way down to Malmesbury – I was worried I’d have a nasty headwind on the way back from Chipping Campden, but it wasn’t too bad. The laney, hilly nature of the route back to Oxford meant I wasn’t exposed to the breeze too much.


This is the first time I’ve ridden this audax as a perm, I usually do the calendar event. It was nice not to have to shake off the tail of riders that usually congregate on my rear wheel, and I was able to pace my effort out over the nasty hills around Compton Abdale – bottom gear of 36×26 got a fair bit of use here. Plenty of stoppage time, I think mostly due to the three sets of temporary lights I had to negotiate. Quite a few of the bad roads on this route had been re-surfaced – the govt. seems to be pulling their finger out on improving rural lanes.



The countryside looked so much more inviting than when I’ve ridden this in January. There was green everywhere, and lambs in the fields. Every new vista looked like a classic view of England.


7h26 total time for the audax – just a minute slower than my best time for this route.