Erg 2500m race + Cycle 10m TT

Erg: 2500m race & Cycle: 10m TT
AM. Erg 8km inc. Basingstoke 2500m
4km w/u
2500m: 8:46.3 (1:45.2) r25-31 HR 169(175)
1½km w/d
No where near as nervous for this one as I was at Southampton in February. Weighed in OK at 73.7kg. Got off to a steady start, split down to 1:38 in three strokes, and then paced it along with 1:44/1:45 showing on the monitor. Being on erg no. 1 meant I had a clear view of the race screen, and I was pleased to see that at this steady effort I was pulling away from the field – Gavin Dove in second place. Tried to bring the pace down with an increase in rate from 1000m out, but all that did was stall the decline in pace. Managed a 100m sprint at the end. 1st lwt +40, cool :-) . 2500m seems a lot further than 2k, and I was nearly 2 secs off my pace in Southampton, but a win’s a win.
Note the tasteful postcard we found in a local newsagent below – when you live in Oxford, you sometimes forget that you’re surrounded by beautiful architecture. Basingstoke brought it home. We also managed to go through “Victory Roundabout” four times on the way there and back, each time somehow approaching it from a different direction…

Basingstoke PostcardThe venue - race machinesThe venue - warm up ergsWinner\'s cup


PM. Cycle 36km inc. club 10m TT, Southmoor

10miles: 24:01, 2nd. (1st: Chris Edgington 23:42) HR 164(171)

Drove back to Southmoor for this club 10 at 3pm. Did a bit of a warm up in a cold gentle drizzle, which soon dissipated, although the wind was very strong and cold – I had two base layers on under my skinsuit + gloves and leg warmers. Saw a couple of the quick lads from Didcot Phoenix riding about on their low-pros, but they’d only got deep-section front wheels with them and decided to save their effort for an event tomorrow.

I was quite pleased to get 2nd after erging only 3 hours previously, although my shoulders were quite sore in the tribar tuck. It was very hard up the drag to the turn, but quick coming back to Tubney before the hard work along the Southmoor by-pass. The wind seemed more across the road than anything, and it was hard to keep the bike going straight at times. Not much traffic about, the Grand National was on (When I got back I found I’d picked the winner out of the hat in the office sweepstake – two wins and a second in one day ;-) ).

Pictures to follow…