Cycle 118km (Winslow) (& Bear Grylls)

Tuesday. PM. Cycle 118km/4h13. HR 134(160)

Out:       66km 28.3km/h HR 130(154)
Return: 52km 27.6km/h HR 139(160)

Skipped lunch, took the afternoon off work and rode the club run route to Winslow and back. Fairly comfortable, if a little cold. Left knee a bit klunky back home, but it’ll be OK.

Bear Grylls – why?
Watched Kill Bill Vol.2 on DVD last night – still a great film. When it’d finished we caught the last 25 mins of a programme called “Bear Grylls: Mission Everest”. It was possibly the most pointless TV I’ve watched in quite some time, but like a car crash, we couldn’t look away.

I’ve vaguely heard of this bloke before as some sort of adventurer, so I was initially intrigued to see what he gets up to, but the whole cast came across as a bunch of Tim-nice-but-dims who’d got bored of falling off horses and crashing daddy’s Land Rover and found a new way to hurt themselves. In the end we watched just to see if it would end in disaster and Bear would mark himself up as a contender for next years’ Darwin Awards. All we saw though, was Bear “narrowly surviving a near fatal crash in practice”, which looked suspiciously like someone taking a gentle face-plant into a carrot field.

For those of you who didn’t catch this piece of car-crash telly, they were trying to fly two motorised paragliders over the top of Everest (why? why? why? they never explained). He didn’t even get to go over the top, only hover about 2 miles away, because they’d been unable to get permission to fly over the summit in case they violated Chinese airspace (now that would’ve made good TV – a couple of Chinese MIGs using paragliders for target practice…). And then, their altimeters failed because of the extreme cold and altitude (no shit, sherlock!) so they weren’t sure exactly how high he’d been. Why did they bother?

There was a little voice-over at the end to say that they’d raised (I think) a million pounds for charity, which they presumably used as their justification for all this boys-and-their-toys larking about, but there surely must be better ways to promote the charities involved? Who on earth had given them this money? I’m guessing that most of their sponsors were “corporate” – call me cynical but Bear and his friends had just the right sort of accents to be able to twist the arm or two of old-money corporate CEOs.

If you’re going to try to raise money for charity, do something challenging that ordinary people can understand – do an Ironman (Jane Tomlinson), swim the channel (David Walliams) – but don’t clown around on camera with your posh mates, it’s just not dignified.