New blog intro – swim 3500m & cycle 64km

Wow, a new blog/training diary! The old one  I was keeping on the Concept2 UK forum wasn’t public anymore. They’d had some problems with diary templates being hacked and the forum generally crashing a lot, so the whole thing had an update, and in the process the public accessibility of the diary pages was blocked – you can only read them now if you’re a member of the forum. I guess they had to do it to keep the forum stable. Anyway, excitingly, here’s a new Oranj blog site.

It  seems somehow appropriate to start it today, because today’s the first day I’ve been out for a decent ride on my bike for almost 8 weeks. [Quick historical interlude: I was training hard, cycling and running, getting ready for the Watford half-marathon in February, when I tweaked a tendon in my left knee on the 3rd January. It’s been plaguing me ever since, but finally seems to be on the mend. In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself fit with erging (indoor rowing), gym work, and the odd swim or two, and keeping myself otherwise out of trouble by embarking on buying a house with Jules. I’ve won an indoor rowing race (in my age/weight category, thankful for small mercies at my age that I no longer have to race thin, fit, 20-year-olds), and we’re in the throes of buying a good semi-detactched just around the corner from work. Housing market crisis? What housing market crisis? ;-)]. Here goes with the first entry:

WEDNESDAY. AM. Swim 3500m/57 steady

No HR data, couldn’t be *sr*d to wear the strap/watch

PM. Cycle 64km/2:20 easy. HR 126(152). 91% Z1+2

Work’s quiet at the moment – our I.T. dept. switched our domain name last month, and despite forwarding the old emails to the new inboxes there seems to have been a glitch or two in the system that means we’re still experiencing a lack of communication. So, I took the afternoon off (I had 3 days to use up before the end of March that I’d taken over from the previous year, just one day left now), and went out for an easy spin on the bike.

First decent length ride for 8 weeks. Didn’t push it on at all, just spinning along. It was quite cold and I’d have been tempted to work hard to keep warm, but for being wary of my left knee. Anyway, it seemed to be just fine, and after a snack and putting my kit into the washing machine, I moseyed up to Headington for a coffee and a cake and some charity shop browsing. Picked up a decent shirt for work (pink – Jules *will* be pleased) and a seemingly unread copy of Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, all for £8. That’ll probably be my easter read as I’ve nearly finished “Astonishing Splashes of Colour” which I’m racing through at the moment. A nice afternoon to take off, I’m hearing that the weather’s about to close in.