Rest day – The Go! Team

Rest day – went to see:

The Go! Team
Went to see the Go! Team. Really good gig, they project so much energy, it’s just impossible not to be jigging about. It’s a bizarre sound and very difficult to describe, save that it falls into a sort of dancey/live noise, a bit Talking Heads, two girls doing the singing too. They have the usual guitar/bass/drums/singer line up, plus assorted synth sounds, and a brass section (on sync tape, presumably)… a Go! Team with a live brass section, now that *would* be something! Oh, and for some songs they have two drummers – something that just adds a bit of extra thump to the rhythm. Brilliant.

If only the mixing had been up to the job, it was just appalling and for the first few songs it sounded like the band were playing at the bottom of a swamp – “muddy” is the only way to describe it. It got better as the gig went on, as though the sound desk realised what a pig’s ear they were making of it, and in the second half there was definitely more punch to the music.