Erg 10km, The Beat, No Country For Old men

Erg 10km (2x5km, 2 min rest) at CORC, Model C

1. 19:22.8 (1:56.3) r21 HR 147(158)
2. 19:22.8 (1:56.3) r22 HR 160(168)

Just easing myself back into the groove. Not done much since last Wednesday week ago, some weights and a 45 min run on an elliptical machine. Just seeing if my knee tendon would get better if I did absolutely nothing for a bit, but I can’t say it’s any better today really :-( Anyway, got on with looking for a house with Jules. We’ve found somewhere within a 10-minute walk of work, with a garage suitable for a secondhand erg, I reckon…. Offer accepted, now the expensive bit starts.

The Beat, with Neville Staples
Went to see them at the Zodiac last night. They played a stormer there last April, as part of their comeback tour, and I missed it, so I was keen to see them. They played well, and we got a few of the hits, but I have to say that as an event it was a bit of a let-down. Just as the crowd was getting going they finished, no encores. They only played 35 minutes! And tickets cost £15. Not impressed…

No Country For Old Men
Just been to see it, on my own in the afternoon, ‘cos Jules thought it’d be too violent for her. Man, what a bleak film! A distinct lack of sympathetic characters, but cool though. The bad guy has one of the worst haircuts in cinematic history, I reckon :-)