Erg 8km – Southern IRC 2k

Erg 8km. Southern IRC

About 4½km w/u (in two chunks)

2k: 6:52.8 (1:43.2) r27-32. HR 168(174)

1½km w/d

Cold not too bad today, just coughing a bit. Somewhat amused to find that their scales had broken, so there was no weigh in – an ideal situation for Ranger, I’ll moot ;-) Not many machines to warm up on, so I did a bit of gentle rowing in two chunks, although the first 500 still caught me a bit by surprise, so maybe I wasn’t fully there. Anyway, a slower start seemed to help.

I was 11th (out of about 15) after the first flurry of strokes, but quickly settled into a 27/28 rhythm which got me up to 6th and then 5th by the end (lightweights and heavyweights rowed together). Not much left for a r32 sprint, trying to catch the 4th placer Brian Churchill but didn’t manage it. The last 250 were torture, and I’m quite surprised to see my HR didn’t max out – it was WAY high when I was warming up – nerves more than anything.

Pretty chuffed to find I’d won the lightweight 40-50s by a fair margin, and I got to meet Citroen and Jef too.

Nipped off smartish after a shower (the canteen had shut, booo :-( ), missing the presentation, into Southampton to find something to eat and a coffee. Caught a photography exhibition, but everything else shut at 4pm, so we didn’t get to do much else than have a nice stroll along the docks and city walls.