Erg 8km & Sweeney Todd

Erg 8km/31:45. @ CORC, model C, v. easy

8km/31:45 (1:59.0) HR 143(148)

Cold still grumbling along, mostly in my head, it doesn’t seem to have got to my chest. Wasn’t looking forward to this session, but it was very easy, no HR drift at all. Weight seems to be under control. I think tomorrow’s race plan will be to head out at 1:43’s and see how it goes from there. The last week or so of sprints has strengthened my ability at a higher-rate, if nothing else, so I can always trade rate for pace if it goes too pear-shaped.

Sweeney Todd
Went to see this film last night. I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but this was rather good. Very gothic :-) , and quite blood-thirsty with it – perhaps not the best subject for a valentines’ night date, oops. The gore was halfway between comic book and genuine realism, and it was enough for someone in our row to have to leave the cinema!

Going to see Stomp tonight. Famous for loud noise and crashing bin lids together, I should be able to cough and sneeze my way through this to my heart’s content…