Rest day – “Diva”

Rest day

Went to see Diva at the Phoenix Picture House. Empire’s given it 5 stars and rates it as a “comedy thriller” – that’s about right, but it’s an odd combination. It was very “New Wave” when it came out, but the production looks a bit dated now.

I remember going to see this film many, many times in the 80s (it was often repeated at the Penultimate Picture Palace), and its style was a big influence at the time. (Gitanes was my smoke of choice for quite some time afterwards -) ) We didn’t see it at it’s best last night though. They had the sound up deafeningly loud and the print was a poor one, with small sections missing here and there, which ruined the original editing and experience somewhat. It’s still a good fun film though. Richard Bohringer steals the show as the philosopher going through his “cool” phase, and looking through the IMDB, him and Dominique Pinon were the only ones who went on to do much else of note.

Ah well, I’ve got the DVD at home these days, at least that version’s in good nick.