Rest day & British Sea Power

Rest day

Another rest day. Bored of having this knee thing niggling on. I surfed around and think it might be the medial collateral ligament that I’ve strained, although like the knee injury I sustained last year, almost all the literature seems to think it’s brought on by some sort of trauma. It’s not bothered at all by erging or even tootling to work and back on my town bike, but it’ll need more complete rest if it’s not going to drag on. Suddenly seem to have put on weight, I reckon it’s that pack of bagels I bought at the weekend. God knows what they put in them, but I always gain a kilo or more after finishing them off.

British Sea Power
Went to see them last night, very impressive. The local music rag called it “a splendidly epic
cacophony” and that’s about right. They have quite a swagger about them and a splendidly orchestral rock sound, a bit reminiscent (to my ears, anyway) of early U2 or Simple Minds. They were without their regular drummer (who’s put his back out in a freak dustpan-and-handbrush accident, I kid you not!), but that didn’t seem to put them off at all. They were also deafening, erk. Waving flags, their anthemic new single, deserves to be a big hit.

Supported by These New Puritans, who played a very exacting form of indie rock. Superbly tight rhythm section (Metallic-like), a bit like The Nubiles of old, but with more tunes.

First on the bill was Eamon Hamilton, who wasn’t known to me, but apparently usually plays with Brakes. He was very entertaining, just him and one other guitarist on stage, playing short funny and sharp songs, one of which sticks in my mind, called “Porcupine or Pineapple?” as far as I could tell, which was about the perils of very sharp pointy objects :-) .