Cycle 154km & Kate Walsh

Cycle 154km 5h15 Steady/easy HR 138(159) 48% Z1+2

L. knee getting better, so fancied I still might ride the “Poor Student 200” audax that I’d entered (although as a “Permanent” audax, so I could ride it at any time). It was frosty and icy out, first thing (despite not dropping below 0°C overnight), so I went back to bed and finally went out after 10am on the roads around Benson. Some people clearly hadn’t registered that yesterday’s rain had washed the salt off the roads and then frozen, so the recovery trucks were busy in the area, fishing cars out of hedges.

Kate Walsh
This song is just captivating, even if the video is so-so:

Apparently she made her mark supporting Richard Hawley, and has done a gig at the Union Chapel, which must’ve been fantastic to see.

PS. download the MP3 from here: