Cycle 30km (turbo) + Swim 1000m & a sore knee

AM. Cycle 30k Turbo 1h03 HR 146(160)

No major after-effects from last night’s efforts, just a slightly sore left knee, so I hopped on the turbo. I forgot to close the door between the hallway (where I’m turboing) and the rest of the flat (where the heating’s coming on), so my HR went pretty high (that, and it’s first thing in the morning). Just a steady ~ 100 cadence, sipping my morning coffee.

The training bike seems to have developed a clonk in the bottom bracket. That’s annoying, I think it’s done less than 10000km, and they usually last +20000km. No local shops stock Campagnolo, so I’ll have a little internet shopping to do.

Left hook. Got a nice left hook on my cycle into work this morning. A numptie in a Nissan pulled alongside, signalled left and then turned across me. Fortunately I’d seen it coming. I glanced over my shoulder afterwards and there wasn’t a thing behind us for 400m or more, what was the hurry???

PM. Swim 1000m/16 HR 123(131)

Did a few chunks of lengths in between giving J a few tips for her swimming.

A bit pissed off with having an injury in my left knee, and just after I’d got the achilles thing under control. Will have to see how it goes – it seems to me that I’ve aggravated a tendon there, and it’s not quite the same non-specific pain that I had this time last year which took so long to cure.