Run 21km

PM. Run 21k/1h36 steady HR 152(162)

One month to go to the Watford Half, so time to get the distance under my belt. Took the first half very steady, aiming to get to Carfax (10.4km) in 47 minutes, and hit it at 46:55 (HRav 147 to that point). Second half included the climb of Headington Hill, which was a bit of a test. Plenty of stretching needed afterwards!

Hilly Twin Skin socks
I bought a couple of pairs of these recently – my favourite socks for reducing blister problems – one pink/white and one blue/white, so as to be able to distinguish the pairs. The pink ones gave me hot feet out of the packet, although they’re not so bad now. I wondered why and dug the wrapping out of the bin today – the pink ones have more nylon and less cotton and lycra in the mix. Why? Presumably the pink ones are aimed at women – do they have tougher feet than men???