Run 16km. Fred vs. Quentin

Run 16k/1h13 steady. HR 155(164)

Not too bad, longest run of the winter thus far.

Fred vs. Quentin
My Christmas viewing this year seems to be divided between Fred ‘n’ Ginger movies and those of Quentin Tarantino. I caught the last half hour of “Carefree” the other evening and was surprised by how much of the plot I remembered and how many of the songs I recognised. Last night the Beeb were showing “The Gay Divorcee”. Although “The Continental” is the big set piece that everyone raves about, my personal favourite is “Night and Day”, danced/sung as a twosome. When you see those two dancing you’ll realise how rough and ready some of the stuff you see on Strictly Come Dancing really is. Fred was a great mover!