Run 11k + Weights 1h10 & “Diner”

Lunchtime Run 11k/51 HR 154(163)

Fairly stiff legs from the last two days’ effort. Much milder than of late. Which was nice.

PM. Weights 1h10 @ CORC.

5min erg warm up, then some free presses, bench rows and dumbell work (bicep & tricep curls, flyes…), interspersed with sit-ups, leg raises etc. The weight stack on the lat pull-down machine was broken, so I couldn’t do those (I think they complement shoulder presses very well).

As is traditional, I’ll be sitting down to watch Diner this evening. A great debut from the director Barry Levinson, and a charming ensemble piece which launched the careers of some now well-known screen actors. The action starts on Christmas eve, so it seems somehow appropriate to watch it this evening. It does come across as a little sentimental now, but I still like it.

I’ve had the film on a videotape for years (the first recordable videotape I ever owned, since it was first screened on BBC2), and only recently got the DVD. The video’s still in my collection though, because it’s also got some footage of my mum being interviewed on “London Plus”, just before she ran the London Marathon for the first time.